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Our Current Political Involvement

I’ve basically held to the position of Charles G. Finney on politics, that is, until mid-October 2015. He was one of America’s greatest Christian Evangelists and wrote his political opinions within a series of lectures from 1836 to 1837.

Then, I was inundated day and night with political thoughts. They came in an unstoppable torrent that kept drawing me back toward looking deeper into Finney’s political writings. Eventually the thoughts, combined with research, coalesced into a We The People movement, covering various political issues: a frozen congress, the high cost and ineffectiveness of criminal incarceration, terrorism, a complicated and unfair economy, a broken educational system, immigration, cyclical unemployment issues, universal health care issues, the lack of innovative and progressive national projects, marriage issues, the separation of church and state, plus many others.

For decades, our government has been frozen into a kind of tribalism, where it seems very little gets done and what does move forward is hobbled and broken. The current political campaigns force candidates to impress the masses with almost god-like abilities in an attempt to convince them that they can miraculously set all things straight. Candidates are forced to become like the Wizard of Oz with blaring bombastic fanfare requiring watchdogs like the little dog named Toto that can pull aside the curtain to reveal just another human being.

After much prayer, I felt driven to put together short political videos on YouTube to highlight many issues during this hotly contested race to the White House. I originally aimed for 32 videos, but stopped at 22 for reasons that seemed to be directed by the Lord, even though most of the remaining 10 were already scripted and on the way to production.

Throughout this endeavor several thoughts kept invading the undertaking. Was this a Don Quixote type quest where I was attacking giants that were actually windmills? The Bible talks of young men with visions and old men dreaming dreams. Was this just some pipe dream? Or, perhaps the workings of someone just one step away from slipping into the abyss of insanity.

But, if this endeavor has spiritual roots, then I was obligated to work on these videos until the ideas ran dry or other circumstances halted progress. Somehow, my wife came on board without a whole lot of convincing. Perhaps the truculent and sardonic political environment was so toxic that any attempt to bring stability in the midst of a chaotic environment was worth her efforts.

I had purchased three puppets over a year ago I had planned to use in some of the theological videos I put together. I just never got around to using them. Then, those puppets suddenly popped into my thoughts, when it seemed a format utilizing a lot of dialogue might work out using them.

The first video and our first attempt at puppetry took place at the beginning of January 2016. I expect a chuckle from anyone who has watched a video due to us being such amateurs. Nevertheless, the scripts were made, the videos created, and I believe a blueprint put on display for what our country can become if We The People actually take charge of the situation.

I had and have no idea as to what effect they might have. As of August 1st, the response has been extremely minimal, which could mean it was nothing more than a deranged Don Quixote effort or the dream of a deluded dreamer. I’m certainly not a promoter and I knew from the beginning that the political videos might go nowhere, lost among the billions of videos out on the internet. That is unless … unless they are somehow a part of God’s direction. Then, there is no limit to the possibilities.

I invite you to take a look at Finney’s political views. Then, I hope a look at these videos will help you to catch a vision that could put our country onto an exciting pathway, directing us into a new and better age; a pathway into politics that elicits honesty, integrity, equality, justice, virtue, and unmatched wealth folded into both national and global responsibility. WTP

Ralph Wendt