The Prayer of Faith

My friend I really cannot say
Why God ordains that we should pray,
To move His hand and will that way.
But though I may not understand,
I’ll lift my voice at His command–
‘Til faith receives the answer!

How I can speak and He will hear,
And move His hand for loved ones dear,
Is just another mystery.
But that He will – and does, each day
Is proof enough that prayers do pay–
For faith receives the answer.

Why God has asked that Christians pray
That He might work, though miles away,
Is far beyond our telling.

And to explain and define prayer.
To say just how and when and where–
The secret, friend, would still be there,
For faith receives the answer.

So, though I may not understand
The way of prayer,
I know He’s planned
That all men pray to move His hand.
Then lift your voice believing saints,
Before the throne your High Priest waits–
To faith He sends the answer.

Maurice L. Anderson