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An exciting near-future novel that deals with man’s fight against the technology he has become dependent upon. Interwoven are spiritual struggles that lead to an unexpected conclusion.

Book Description

Josh Menon has hit a brick wall. His team of engineers is at a standstill; unable to get the most advanced computer man has ever envisioned close to its full potential. To make matters worse, the budget axe is ready to fall and Josh has no choice except to cut corners. Things go far better than expected until Josh realizes the computer has switched places, putting them to the ultimate test. Now technology abandons mankind and finding a way out seems impossible. This action packed book gives us a picture of how unrestrained capitalism can push us to the very edge; where man’s ingenuity ends up deadening our responsibility to adhere to ethical principles. The pressures to achieve can lead toward consequences no man has ever anticipated. The best and worst of humanity face off in a terrifying ride we may find much nearer to us than we would ever care to imagine.

The author has worked on some of the most secret projects in man’s history. His knowledge of the computer, aerospace, and military industry brings science fiction into the arena of reality.

Warning: this book deals with extreme catastrophic events and should be for mature readers. Parents should read this book before allowing those who are young teens a reading.

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A theological book that deals with birth control and how we should deal with this issue as it relates to God’s sovereignty.

Synopsis: I have put together a short treatment of this topic that you can access here: BC&SG

Birth Control & The Sovereignty Of God

Who should purchase this book.

Most people, through the influence of society and the modern church, are completely locked into an unthinking position on birth control as it relates to the sovereignty of God. It is unlikely they will ever change this view. For them this book would most likely be a waste of time and resources.

A few have seen the issue in the very clear light of scripture combined with a faith in God who is sovereign over everything. Those from the sovereign viewpoint easily find a myriad of scriptures that solidifies their position. Already Biblically grounded they would have no pressing personal use for this book. Where this book could be useful is when engaging detractors, especially among family and friends. This short but concise book is something you can pass on to them to help clarify your position from a Biblical perspective.

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