If you are not sure of the truth or what I am even talking about, I encourage you to start by going to this piece that covers the topic. Truth

The piece I have written on truth is a tool for those who are confused over the hundreds of religions and philosophies vying for one’s allegiance. It is not an overt case for Christianity but utilizes some fundamental facts underlying the ability to ever find the truth. In our evangelistic efforts, we need to understand these foundational elements as they underlie how God works in bringing people to salvation. Here are the foundational elements:

  1. We can only know the truth if God reveals the truth to us. John 14:6
  2. We cannot discover the truth by ourselves because the ways of man are foolishness. I Corinthians 2:11-14
  3. To know truth requires the wisdom that only comes from God. I Corinthians 1:18-31
  4. To be exposed to this wisdom requires the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 9:10
  5. Once a person has the fear of the Lord, God sets in motion the voice of wisdom which calls out from a myriad of sources. Following the voice of wisdom will ultimately lead to the perfect source for mankind today: God’s Word. Proverbs 1:20-33
  6. God enables rebellious man to resist His efforts to bring them to the truth just like God wrestled with Jacob with only enough strength wherein Jacob could win the match. Genesis 32:24-30; John 6:44
  7. If one surrenders to the voice of wisdom and stops resisting God’s efforts to bring him to the truth, then the process of gaining true understanding and knowledge begins. Proverbs 2
  8. This knowledge and understanding is ultimately concerned with the gospel and the Lorship of Jesus Christ who has given us the opportunity to have our sins forgiven due to His sacrificial death for all of our sins: past, present, and future. I John 2:2
  9. With full knowledge and acceptance of God’s work and no longer fighting the lordship of God and with a full and free willingness to surrender all to him, the Father presents that person to Jesus. John 6:65;17:1-2
  10. Jesus said he will always accept those the Father gives to him and will never give them up. Upon reception from the Father, Jesus gladly provides to them the free gift of salvation. John 6:37
  11. Then the Son gets to joyfully present the newly adopted son or daughter to God the Father who they were not cognizant of during all the wonderful work being done to bring him or her into God’s wondrous kingdom. John 17:3
  12. Then the new believer becomes fully involved in God’s wonderful work of sanctification as the entire church prepares itself to be presented to Jesus as a pure, holy, and obedient bride. Ephesian 5:23-27; Revelation 19:7-9


This piece on TRUTH aims to first instill the fear of the Lord as I hope you see when reading it. Then it encourages the seeker to start the journey for truth and to anticipate God revealing that truth to him or her.

I purposely attempt to eliminate any prejudice for any one philosophy or religion. The emphasis is on being willing to go on the journey for truth and understanding. As Christians, we have the advantage of knowing that the finding of truth can only come from God. We should also know the process God will use as revealed in His Word and displayed in the 12 steps above. The key for many is to just get started: to start the journey.

Anywhere along that way and prior to being presented to Jesus, one can always resist God’s work and instead embrace the foolishness of the world. The piece on truth doesn’t answer what truth is, but rather is a guide in the search or the desire to obtain truth.

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If you have not yet checked it out, please review the TRUTH.


Ralph Wendt